About Us

We are currently one of the most experienced freight agencies in the country related to the handling, shipping and receiving of perishable products, general cargo and special shipments worldwide.

Our pillars are based on a culture of personalized service supported by our experience, innovation, logic and complementary important aspects such as: Professionalism, integrity, excellence, passion / warmth and performance.



To position ourselves in the national and international market as the preferred company in the logistics industry for breaking traditional paradigms and services through logical and innovative solutions that simplify the needs of our customers.


Personalized and passionate service to win your loyalty.


  • Responsibility.
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Passion
  • Helpful
  • Innovation

Our commitment…

Provide personalized attention and constant communication to our customers, so that they feel completely safe and confident of leaving their shipments in our hands.
We have adequate control, strict planning and constant monitoring at different stages of the supply chain; All this results in intelligent and efficient logistics solutions from their origin to their destination.

Interested in our services?


We have 15.000 square meters of cold rooms in the facilities of the logistics loading center located 5 minutes from the airport (Tabacarcen), this fact allows Logike Cargo to offer a cutting-edge operation to its customers in specially built facilities to handle all types of products, especially perishables.


+593 2 3945919

Office Hours:

8am – 6pm Everyday


Avenue. Nicolás Baquero y 29 de Abril,
Logístic Center “Alpachaca” – Tababela
Quito – Ecuador

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