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We transport your products by sea, land and air, to any destination in the world.

Logistic advice

Our customs experts are highly qualified to provide you with the most efficient logistics solution.

Customs Brokerage

We know in depth the most current customs processes and each load is processed according to your needs.


We have ample storage space for merchandise, especially perishable products.

Sectorial Solutions

We have processes and strategies, suitable for each sector and each product.
Each client is managed in a personalized way.

Government certification

We take care of advising, certifying and processing shipments, under international loading standards.

Temperature controlled shipments

Cold rooms suitable for export or import of food, which meet all standards.

Always under control

Customized reports according to the specific requirements of the customers, with Quality Control Programs, customized according to specific customer requirements.

Permanent monitoring and tracking

Information and monitoring system; Customer information service: 24/7/365 with real-time information, through e-mails and via website.

COLD CHAMBERS AND CONTROLLED TEMPERATURE according to the customer's requirement or product characteristic.

Cold chamber processes; pre cooling capacity, quality control area, repackaging, temperature controlled storage (2-4 degrees Celsius) up to 48 hours.

We are your best choice!

experts in export / import of perishables and special cargo

Flowers / Fruits / Vegetables / Vegetables / Dairy / Seafood

Live Animals / Crafts / Textiles / Hats / Parts and Pieces / Aeronautical Equipment

Live Animals / Crafts / Textiles / Hats / Parts and Pieces / Aeronautical Equipment

Courier / Technology equipment / Household goods / Human remains / Dangerous goods / Special shipments.


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